Success Never Smelled Sweeter

In ten years since its launch, Mia Maison has grown to be a formidable player in the local Home Fragrance industry. No easy feat for a business that was crafted in Shirley Lucas Reyes' backyard.

 "Not a lot of people were going into the Home Fragrance market at the time," recalls Ms. Reyes. "It was nerve-wracking, but we just kept at it and believed in our vision to be a premier brand. Luckily, people liked what we had to offer and we've expanded this much."

With over 70 stores and opening a few more before the year ends, Mia Maison evolved dramatically from a supplier of home scents for various supermalls to a Superbrand™ that carved a niche in the market and pioneered an industry for others to follow.

"What we learned over the years is you always have to innovate but be consistent with your product offering and you have to constantly be attuned to what your customers want. It's a big balance to strike. Take for example our most popular scent Mia Maison's signature classic, the Fresh Bamboo."

"We honestly thought that people would get sick of it (after some time) but ten years later people are still asking for it! That's not to say that we haven't expanded our scent and accessories portfolio over the years."

Recently, Mia Maison introduced their superbly premium Holiday line. Four scents that are perfect for the season: Seaside Cotton, Deep Ambre, Orchard Royale and Tea at the Orient Express.

Seaside Cotton mixes fresh green pears, clean white linen and marine sea salt for a relaxing aquatic scent. Deep Amber adds warmth by amping up resinous amber with cinnamon and dry cedar wood. Orchard Royale weaves a tale of mystery as nectarine and blood oranges dance around lilies and dark orchids. Tea at the Orient Express perfectly clashes East and West as zesty Gunpowder Green Tea meet with calming French Lavender.

So what's next for the local leading brand in Home Fragrance?

"We definitely have plans of expanding significantly. 10 years may seem a lot but we're really just starting! We'll continue to offer new and exciting scents and olfactory adventures for years to come!"