Mia Maison Revels in Its Sweet Success

Mia Maison Fragrances was conceived ten years ago. With almost 100 stores open by the end of 2016, Mia Maison continues to dominate the local home fragrance market, spreading its refreshing aroma in malls, offices and homes across the country.

Pretty impressive for a business that started in Shirley Lucas Reyes Backyard. What started out as scent supplier to various grew to become a Superbrand™ that carved a niche in the market and pioneered an industry for others to follow.

STILL AS SWEET AS THE FIRST TIME Now with 70 stores operating around the country, Reyes recalls how they struggled to open their first store in Glorietta. “It was nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time,” shares Reyes. “Not a lot of people were going into the home fragrance market and it was such a new concept at the time that we were a bit wary of going into it blindly. That’s why we started by supplying to bigger distributors first to see if there really is movement.”

Reyes entered the industry because, she says, “I’ve always liked the idea of smelling good and it transcends to my living quarters.  The problem at the time was there weren’t a lot of options for me to ensure that my home continuously smelled good. There are air freshener sprays that smelled synthetic , mostly and would give me headaches and it’s too expensive to keep spraying your designer colognes every now and then so I did some research and that’s where we stumbled upon the different Home Fragrance solution that are available abroad. Since not a lot of people were doing it here, we thought it would be an interesting market to pioneer locally.” 

SUCCESS NEVER SMELLED SWEETER “what we learned over the years is you always have to innovate but be consistent with your product offering. It’s a big balance to strike. This meant that while product innovation is at the utmost important, it’s also equally important to stay attuned to what your customers want. Take for example our most popular scent-Mia Maison’s signature classic Fresh Bamboo. “

Reyes revealed that there were times that they wanted to shift the focus to a different scent but people kept on clamouring for it. “We live in really warm Tropical climate so people tend to gravitate towards fresher scent. Ten years later, people are still asking for it. But we also expanded our scent and accessories portfolio.”

Mia Maison just recently unveiled their latest scent creations. Four scent that are perfect for the Holidays: Seaside Cotton, Deep Ambre, Orchard Royale and Tea at the Orient Express.

Seaside Cotton opens with a burst of fresh green pears mixed with clean white linen scent accentuated with oceanic sea spray. Deep Ambre is a warm inviting scent with elements of powdery amber, spicy cinnamon and dry cedar wood. Orchard Royale weaves a tale of mystery as nectarine and blood oranges dance around lilies and dark orchids. Tea at the Orient Express perfectly clashes Gunpowder Green Tea and French Lavender in one East meets West fragrance. 

“We hope people will love these new limited edition fragrances as much as we loved creating  them. Who knows , if they receive enough praise and demand we might make them mainstays as well.”

With the new collection in tow, Mia Maison future looks bright. So what’s next for the local leading brand in Home Fragrance?

“We definitely have plans of expanding Aside from the new collection we also brought in innovative new ways to enjoy our scents like the Car Electric Diffuser, the 24/7 Wall Mount Diffuser and the Wall Plug Diffuser. We keep  on looking for solutions to help create the  right Home Destination-a term we coined to illustrate how scents can transform ones house from the physical aspect of a ‘shelter’ to a more metaphysical notion of a ‘home’- for every household.”

Now as then, Mia Maison Home Fragrances is immensely grateful for its patrons’ unwavering support. Entering this holiday season, Mia Maison continues to indulge and pamper through its Yuletide scents. All these are testimony to one Filipino mom’s dream of achievedment.