Travel to Different Home Destinations with Mia Maison Home Fragrances

In the past couple of years, I have been obsessed with collecting various perfumes and fragrances. Back then I only had my staple Davidoff Cool Water in my collection and it wasn’t until fragrance super addict and managing partner of Ungeek, Colin Chan, opened my eyes to the wondrous world of perfume that I added perfume collecting to my list of hobbies. Hehe.

This obsession lead me to explore Home Fragrances (cause it’s quite expensive to keep on spraying designer and niche perfumes all over your household). And while we found a couple of home fragrances that we liked, it’s still burning a significant amount on our monthly household budget.

Thankfully, we were introduced to Mia Maison, a locally owned and grown Home Fragrance store that, apparently, has been in existence for 10 years now. It surprised us to learn as well that Colin is the presiding Creative Consultant for the group and he invited us to attend Mia Maison’s grand launch at the Manila Peninsula last Tuesday, June 21, 2017.

We learned that, through Mia’s ten-year journey, this is the first time that they are pouring their resources into Marketing and PR. It’s amazing that the brand decided to establish itself first, gathering loyal patrons and expanding steadily (they now have more than 60 stores nationwide – and franchising options), before they decided to put ads and create a launch event.

Celebrities and socialites attended the event (we felt really out of place!) but everyone was warm to everybody and we learned that a lot of them already knew of Mia Maison and jumped on the chance to take part in celebrating their 10th year in the business. My Home Magazine helped in organizing the amazing event and even had cool and quirky activities lined up for us.

Mia Maison’s campaign hinges on the concept of scent and how it triggers memory and imagination. Since perfume triggers our innate sense of memory and imagination, the personification of an “olfactory journey” led them to create the Home Fragrance company’s creative campaign handle: Home Destination.

The idea is to transform homes into destination places where one can experience a sense of travel through scents. To press the point further, they transformed four small rooms at the Salon De Ning into various travel destinations: Shanghai, Kyoto, Maldives, and Santorini.

Each of these rooms are paired with a Mia Maison highlighted scent; Green Tea scent for Shanghai, Fresh Bamboo for Kyoto, Ocean Breeze for Maldives and Warm Cotton for Santorini. The scents, coupled with the ambiance and the unique activities per room created a rich experience that set us in the mood for travel!

Out of all the rooms, it was Maldives and Shanghai that really drew us in. The Shanghai room provided a TWG mini masterclass in Green Tea history with us sampling different green teas of varying flavors and intensity while Maldives gave us a chill moment to just sit back and sip on some delicious cocktails created just for that occasion called the Mia Maison (a unique tropical cocktail blend of Malibu Rum, Lychee, Guava juice and a touch of mint).

Scent-wise, Green Tea is our current favorite followed by the mellowing comfort ofWarm Cotton. We asked Colin what his favorite is and he sent us this photo.

I guess it reminded him too much of his super used Shanghai Tang Jade Dragon that he got himself one as well. :p

All in all, the grand launch was an amazing welcome to our hectic work week and the Mia Maison Home Fragrance solutions is a welcome product in our homes and offices. Heck, for just under Php 680.00 for the 120ml Glass Diffuser (compared to 2000+ for imported brands), we can stock up and put one in every nook and cranny that we can find! We’ll definitely explore more from their selection (they have 13 scents currently).

For more info on Mia Maison, you can check them out at their Facebook Page andInstagram Account. They have the full list of stores as well so if you happen to pass by a stall, do check them out. You may find that perfect home destination (or two) as well. Congrats again on the launch, Mia, here’s to 10 more wonderfully smelling good years!