Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Hip Mom

Mother’s Day is only a few days away. Have you shopped for the perfect gift for the perfect woman in our lives? I’ll share with you what gifts that I think are perfect for MY mom. But before anything, let me tell you a little bit about her so you’ll understand why she will love these items.

  1. Just like me, she is obsessed products. Our favorite past time since I was in my teens is obsessing over the latest makeup, perfume and skin care in the makeup counters. We used to go to the airport extra-early just to swatch and shop makeup but since I got into beauty blogging and the products just go straight to our doorstep, that practice died. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a beauty junkie!
  2. We both travel a lot together. Most of the countries I’ve been to, she’s always by my side!
  3. She likes to keep the house tidy 24-7 and hoards a lot of decor and cleaning products – like most moms!
  4. Our weakness is the same – we are suckers for anything cute!
  5. Unlike me, she tries to exercise and makes it a point to jog at least once a week.

If your mom possesses any of the same characteristics above, then I think that she will love these gift recommendations too:


My mom looks 10 years younger than her age and she wants to keep it that way. Here are some of the products that she’s tried over the years:

  • Etude House Age Defying Firming Cream
  • Tony Moly GF-Factor Essence
  • Origins Three Part Harmony serum for renewal, repair and radiance.
  • Philosophy Time In A Bottle Age-defying  Serum
  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oi


We like to have bonding sessions in my room when I give her DIY facials, foot and hand masks. Most of the time I useLEADERS INSOLUTION as they have very affordable hydrogel and bio-coconut masks like this Premium Care Bio-medi curing mask (P228.00 each). If you want something more fancy, you can also treat your mom to a spa date at Sofitel’s Le Spa or The Spa.


Forget the overpriced Clarisonic brush that is hard to find in the local market, go for something that’s easily available at Rustan’s like CLINIQUE’s Sonic System Cleansing Brush (P5,600.00). The brushes are disposal and its recommended use is about 3 months if you use it everyday. Personally, I think it can be extended if you properly clean and store it after every use. And if you’ve got the extra budget, you can buy additional brush heads for about P1,450 each. The silver head is for a facial massage while the blue one is for deep cleansing. It’s the gift that never stops giving. (and cleaning!) I’ll post a separate review about this soon!


Like I mentioned, my mom and I are both suckers for cute products and she’s been trying to steal my Tangle Angel Hair Brush since she first saw it on my dresser. I recently replaced her shampoo and conditioner with My Amazing Blowdry Secret products because they’re very mild and are sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free – very safe for those who are ageing. You can find these products at CULT FAVORITES, the same group behind Browhaus and Strip.

You can also treat her to a complete hair makeover like a Keratin Blowout at Piandre.


Do you see how much oil diffusers we have in our home!? And this is just for our first floor. I’ve become fond of them too because the scent keeps me relaxed and feeling refreshed. You can find really affordable ones at Our Home (gold bird), Mia Maison and Scentido. For sprays, I recently discovered EVERYDAY LOVE #1 (middle) bamboo scent. If you go abroad, be sure to buy a bottle from ZARA Home!


The only thing that will make a basket or bouquet of flowers enticing to me is if makeup is sticking out of it. L’Oreal Paris got it right when they sent me their Color Riche Matte Velvet Pinks in this drawer. I really don’t like flowers because they’re very expensive and wilt and die right away. Desginer flowers cost about 5,000pHp for a nice bouquet arrangement so I’d rather have a dozen of these lipsticks (P400.00 each) that will cost about the same price. You get to keep and use them for a long time too! Yes, I am #AntiFlowers haha!


I am so glad that my mom doesn’t have any allergies with perfume because I am obsessed with them. Most of the time my bottles just *magically* teleport into her dresser and I can’t get it back. She’s been bugging me to get her the Tory Burch EDP spray (original orange one) since we went to the US last year so she’ll be delighted to know that I already have the Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Bleue Parfum. If you buy one this weekend, May 7-8, at Rustan’s Makati, you can get ithandpainted for FREE by one of their artists!


If your mom has an active lifestyle or the lack of, a FITBIT CHARGE HR Activity Tracker is the perfect gift for her. This will push those who don’t exercise to reach the target steps per day. I love how it vibrates on your wrist once you reach your daily goal. It’s usually set at 10,000 steps per day. It can also monitor your sleep and restlessness at night when you wear it to bed. You can get one from our country’s exclusive distributor, BEYOND THE BOX


Aaaand if she’s really stubborn with exercise and loves to binge on sweets, Mother’s Day is a day that we can let her indulge without slapping her wrist. These character/ animal Boulangerie 22 cakes will surely make her smile!


If you want to go sky high, literally and on your budget, book two tickets for a bonding trip to her favorite destination. It can be a local place or somewhere as special as La Sagrada Familia in Spain. We ticked that one off our list last year. Even if there’s no occasion, I really think that we should take both our parents out to travel more often. You can read more about it in THIS blog entry.

I hope you found my gift recommendations useful. Keep coming back to my blog for more lists like this one. Happy Mother’s Day to all the supermoms out there!! :)