Soothing Sojourns

Mia Maison celebrates 10 years of bringing scent-sational scents to homes everywhere

Had a stressful day? Wish you can be somewhere else at the blink of an eye? Feel the need to just leave all your cares and worries behind? Yes, yes, yes! We’ve all had days when we desperately want to turn the “off” button. Shop closed. Self on auto vacation mode. And no matter how desperately we want to lounge on some hammock under a coconut tree with the sound of ocean waves hitting the rocks as our lullaby, the truth is it’s only Tuesday and darn, you have four days of work week left to arm wrestle with. Sigh… Don’t fret. Here’s the solution to help you escape the urban jungle whenever you want to. You can do it within the comfort of your own home, too!

Home Destinations

Celebrating its 10th year in the home fragrance business, local brand Mia Maison in partnership with My Home Magazine welcomed select guests to the posh Salon de Ning at the Peninsula Manila. Passports were handed out to each one before entering the venue.

“Scents have the power to transport you to your dream destinations.  It may be a familiar place or one you’ve always wanted to visit. Our four signature scents will redefine your concept of home,” said CEO Shirley Lucas Reyes. Soon, four booths were revealed to the intimate party. Each set up showcased irresistible pairings of city, activity, and scent. Our first stop was Maldives where Mia Maison cocktails were served. Love the Ocean Breeze scent! Clean, crisp and intoxicating. I could feel the sand between my toes (vicariously, of course, since I had four-inch heels on) and saw blue seas ahead of me. Next was Kyoto where I saw ladies arranging flowers (ikebana) while breathing in Mia Maison’s most popular scent, Fresh Bamboo. I took my time sipping my jasmine drink prepared by TWG’s tea masters at the Shanghai booth while the soothing smell of Green Tea filled the air. But it was the last booth that made a believer out of this cynical momma. The booth smelled like my baby’s skin—fresh, comfortable and oh-so-relaxing. I wanted to drown in Warm Cotton while being transported to the Greek isles. Did I mention that I was enjoying a head, back, and foot massage while basking in the scent? Well, now you know.

“We currently have 13 scents. Four of these are base fragrances which you can mix and match to your liking. All our oils are sourced from Switzerland, mixed meticulously by our chemists and bottled with the utmost care. Consumers can enjoy a wide selection of aromatherapy oils and fragrances, water-based fragrances, room sprays, and diffusers, which are available in over 60 Mia Maison outlets nationwide,” added Shirley.  What’s next for the brand? “Toward the end of the year, we’ll be launching our holiday collection. Think of apple cinnamon, peppermint candy, and candy canes! Exciting right? Our creative team is also working on the label’s high end line.”

My daughter had a bad cough this week, which I caught unfortunately. I tried the peppermint and lavender using the ultrasonic aroma diffuser and it worked wonders! We both slept through the night and felt relieved in the morning. A good sleep is a real gamechanger. So the next time you’re feeling lethargic, stressed, or just can’t shake the blues, put on your most comfortable jammies, turn the diffuser on with your favorite Mia Maison scent, and hie off to your dream haven.

Happy 10th anniversary, Mia Maison! Cheers!