Best Scents for the Home to Make You Feel You're in Vacation

In recent years, Home Fragrances have come into fashion so much so that various brands – both local and foreign – have come into the market. By creating a pleasant environment in homes, offices, and common areas, Home Fragrances have become an aspirational product for many consumers to indulge in.

Then came 2006, when Mia Maison made its debut into the market with a variety of high quality scents as well as a number of innovative fragrance-projecting tools designed to fit the needs of the discerning customer. Since then, the Mia Maison brand has stood out from among the rest as one known for scents of quality and lasting efficacy. The brand enjoyed an exponential growth and has grown to have 44 company-owned branches and 20 franchisees – totaling 64 Mia Maison branches all over the country.

As part of our goal to elevate the home experience, we invite you to join us in our campaign to CREATE HOME DESTINATIONS. We want to reframe the way people think of “HOME”. Home is usually thought of as a place we retreat to for rest. It’s a place of comfort and familiarity that we come home to after we’ve exhausted ourselves in the duties and/or pleasures of the outside. We, at Mia Maison, think of HOME as a little bit more than that. We see it as a DESTINATION – a place we all want to go to for an experience. We achieve this through our scents. By stimulating the senses, our scents can turn your home into whatever place you want to go to – a Zen Garden, a beach getaway, or whatever place of relaxation you want it to be. With 13 scents out in the market (and more to come this year), Mia Maison ensures that the Filipino consumer will never run out of Destinations they can transform their home into.

In line with this, we’d like to introduce you to our four Scent Highlights of the season – Fresh Bamboo, Ocean Breeze, Green Tea, and Warm Cotton. Each of these scents are designed to transform your home into a Destination that suits your desires for relaxation and vacation. Need to rejuvenate yourself after a hard day’s work? Warm Cotton and Green Tea will help you relax as it transforms your home into the picture of absolute comfort. Or maybe you want to recreate the vacation experience right within your home? Ocean Breeze and Fresh Bamboo will help transport you to the Seaside or Zen Garden “get-away” you need – all from within the comforts of your own home.

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