Home is usually thought of as a place of comfort and familiarity that we come home to after we’ve exhausted ourselves.

We, at Mia Maison, think of HOME as a little bit more than that.

We see it as a DESTINATION – a place we all want to go to for an experience.



Feel the peace and serenity of Kyoto with our Fresh Bamboo Scent. Now you can experience total Zen right within your home.



Hear the waves of the Maldives calling out to you? The seaside experience is never too far away with our Ocean Breeze scent.



Take in the feeling of Santorini's afternoon breeze. Close your eyes and paint a serene picture of blue skies, a warm midday breeze, and fresh linens rustling with the wind with our Warm Cotton Scent.



Rejuvenate yourself with our Green Tea scent and slowly immerse yourself into the rich culture and 4,000-year-old history of this Chinese Tradition. Take a trip the Orient with us and let the scent of Green Tea flow through you.


Stroll along the lush Lavender fields of Provence France and breathe in a world of calm and relaxation. Take in the wonders of rural France, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be enthralled by fields upon fields of these calming violet flowers.