1. What does Mia Maison Offer?

With over a decade of experience in the retail and home fragrances industry, Mia Maison offers a wide variety of products from aromatherapy oils and fragrances, waterbased fragrances, room sprays to diffusers. Our professional team is fully equipped with the necessary tools and skills to operate and manage retail outlets which can be adopted by our Franchisee in order to properly maximize sales and profitability.


2. Do I need a prior experience in operating this kind of business?

No, you don't need prior experience on operating this kind of business. However, related experience may be helpful.


3. How do I qualify as a Mia Maison Franchisee?

You must be business oriented and has the determination and capacity to operate a business. You should also possess people-handling skills, must be open-minded and is ready to take on challenges of managing the business.


4. What does the Franchise fee cover?

The Franchise fee covers the cost of pre-opening and start-up assistance, initial training and other support and business development services. The complete listing of the package will be discussed to prospective Franchisee.

5. Who will provide the location?

Franchisee is responsible for securing his/her own location. Posible locations must be presented first to the Franchisor for approval. The ideal locations will be at the malls and highly traffic commercial areas.

6. Where do we purchase the equipment and supplies for the Franchised Outlet?

As a Franchisee, you are required to purchase the supplies from the Franchisor. You will be provided with procurement program to guide you in purchasing all the products you need to set up the business.


7. How many employees will I need to start the business?

You need a minimum of two (2) employees. Franchisor will provide you & your employees the training: as well as the hiring qualifications.


8. How long will be the training program?

Franchisor shall schedule the training for the Franchisee. The initial training program will last for two (2) weeks prior to opening of the Franchise outlet. All staff, as well as Franchisee, must undergo this training program. Training will be done at the Franchisor's training center. Franchisor reserves the right to designate other locations for training and to alter the schedule and length of training. Should Franchisee request additional assistance from Franchisor in order to facilitate the opening of the Franchised Facility, and should Franchisor deem it necessary and appropriate. Franchisee shall reimburse Franchisor for the expense of Franchisor providing such additional assistance.


9. How long will it take to recover my investment?

Financial viability depends on various factors such as sales, investment and the ability of the Franchisee to effectively manage his/her expenses. This will be discussed further during Franchisee interview.


10. Will the franchisor provide an operations manual?

Yes, Franchisee will receive a copy of the confidential Operations Manual after signing the Franchise Agreement.