Ocean Breeze

Summer never ends with Mia Maison’s Ocean Breeze scent! Take in the sun, sand, and sea with this aquatic marine scent and transform your home into an island destination vacation regardless of season!


Warm Cotton

Let the warmth of fresh linens envelope you in a cozy and comfortable embrace. Warm Cotton brings about the fresh delight of simple joys – quiet and clear blue skies, the distant memories of childhood, and the sound of clean cloth rustling through a warm afternoon breeze.


Green Tea

Take a trip down the orient with the crisp and clean scent of Green Tea. Savor the clarifying aroma of this 4000 year old drink accentuated with zesty bergamot and anchored down with earthy vetiver. Be calm, centered, and at peace with the fragrance of Green Tea by Mia Maison.


Fresh Bamboo

Fresh Bamboo, Mia Maison's Signature Scent, is clean, crisp, and refreshing; a mild dew on an early morning day. Lush and exceedingly green, Fresh Bamboo reminds you of crisp jungle leaves in a damp bamboo forest or a day hike to a majestic grassy mountain range.


White Tea & Ginger

The scent of White Tea mixed with the zesty spiciness of Ginger creates a truly harmonious blend. White tea brings about a calm state of clarity, while Ginger conjures up joyous vitality and a zest for life. Together, these two scents help create a zen-like atmosphere to your home.



Keep pesky bugs at bay with Mia Maison’s Citronella. Now you can fill your room with this natural bug repellant that simultaneously refreshes your house with its naturally clean and zesty aroma. Great especially for the rainy seasons.



Zesty, herbaceous, and slightly spicy, Lemongrass is perfect when you want your place to smell a bit more exotic than usual. The scent conjures up late afternoon relaxations in the majestic spa huts of Bali amidst the calming rhythm of evening beach waves; a true expression of Asia.



Traditionally used in medicine, this herbaceous plant works wonders when its oil is dispersed on its surrounding. Cool and clean, Eucalyptus also helps clear up clogged nasal passage ways as well as disinfects the air.



Definitely not your grandma’s lavender, Mia Maison’s take on the traditional relaxing scent adds generous amounts of white florals and a tinge of citrus to bring it to modern times. Lavender calms the mind and soothes the soul. Perfect for relieving anxiety and stress.


Green Apple

Take a bite out of the zesty and juicy goodness of the Green Apple scent from Mia Maison. We’ve taken everything you love about apples and compressed it into aromatic oils for burners and diffusers. Fresh and fruity, Green Apple scent has been known to help boost mental activities and to increase focus and concentration.



Sweet, minty, and refreshing, Peppermint brings a festive mood to any home. With a scent that captures crisp and cooling sensations, Peppermint is a scent best used during the Holiday seasons—or whenever you feel like you’d want Santa to come on over and visit you.  Sweet, herbaceous, and jovial, Peppermint is an amazing addition to your Home Fragrance essentials.


Burstin Berries

A wild mixture of raspberries, strawberries, and black currant explodes in merriment with Burstin Berries. This uber fruity fragrance will tickle your senses as it uplifts your mood. Totally unexpected, highly energetic, Burtsin Berries transforms your home into the sweetest and fruitiest haven possible!


Sweet, sensual, and oozing in creamy opulence, Mia Maison’s Vanilla is a powerhouse gourmand concoction in Home Fragrances. Imagery of French Patisseries amongst cobbled sidewalks wafts through your hallways as the sweet-sugary fragrance brings immense comfort to everyone at home.