About Mia Maison

It all started at Home.

The story of Mia Maison started, well, at home. Right at the then-backyard of founder Shirley L. Reyes, various fragrances and scents were being crafted and mixed to be shipped to various department stores across the metro. It wasn’t until 2006 when Mia Maison formally was formed and opened its first kiosk in Glorietta. Now, almost 10 years after, what started out as a start-up mom’s dream is now the leading local brand in home fragrances.

Managing 44 company-owned stores and opening 20 franchisees, Mia Maison is poised to expand its brand and love of home fragrance solutions to the whole country. With the aim of opening a hundred Mia Maison stores by 2017, the brand has invested in continually enhancing its products to the point of garnering the Superbrands seal early this 2016.

Mia Maison’s goal is to reframe the way we think of “HOME”. Home is usually thought of as a place we retreat to for rest. It’s a place of comfort and familiarity that we come home to after we’ve exhausted ourselves in the duties and/or pleasures of the outside. We, at Mia Maison, think of HOME as a little bit more than that. We see it as a DESTINATION – a place we all want to go to for an experience. We achieve this through our scents. By stimulating the senses, our scents can turn your home into whatever place you want to go to – a Zen Garden, a beach getaway, or whatever place of relaxation you want it to be.